LERU Doctoral Summer School 2017:
Citizen Science – nexus between research and public engagement in Zurich

The 2017 LERU Doctoral Summer School took place at the University of Zurich from July 9-14, 2017. The team of Graduate Campus (GRC) hosted this year’s summer school focusing on citizen science. The summer school brought together 44 doctoral candidates, based in 12 European countries. They could profit from a week of interdisciplinary training and hands-on work on citizen projects.

Citizen science – the involvement of non-professional scientists in research – is generating broad attention across and beyond the scientific community. Activities range from small-scale local projects, largely with layperson participation, to large-scale international projects, which may involve professional scientists and research institutions. Citizen thrives in an open and transparent environment, and it is widely seen as a cornerstone of a broader open science movement.

Further information on the 2017 LERU Doctoral Summer School: grc.uzh.ch/en//LERU-Summer-School-2017.html

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